Oct 8, 2021Liked by Adam Golding

“… zero encampments motion that Wong-Tam felt fooled by.”

Have to disagree here. Wong-Tam has been revealing herself as a liar and hypocrite who serves rich white people.

She was silent on encampment clearing until called out en masse on social media, refused invitations to show up in solidarity in person, and didn’t even say anything until the next day.

She also is not stupid. She knows what zero encampments means.

She fights against a new daycare in Cabbagetown.

She fights against new housing always, everywhere. Sees new housing as a negative thing to be reduced or eliminated.

She herself is a landlord who made her money as a real estate agent and investor, flipping and brokering properties.

She is not one of us. She is a wealthy tool for the wealthy. I agree with a lot of her politics but her true self is being revealed these days.

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